Powerful Tool For
Critical Thinking

Execware, LLC is a holding company with a portfolio of 6 patents of the CEO's software inventions, conceived incrementally over the years, all related to a radically different information visualization methodology named contextual data modeling (CDM). With CDM you build datasets of the things/events/people/places/whatever (or a mix) that you analyze, plan, manage, or monitor in your field (especially intelligence analysis and law investigation). Then you manipulate/model the displayed data to reflect your evolving reasoning.
This website gives you some practical examples of human reasoning, cognitive science support of CDM, an overview of the user interface, and access to the 6 patents plus a link to download an embodiment of several of the early patents.
The CDM inventor now believing he can add no more to the concept of CDM, Execware is ready for a major analytics firm to commercialize his patents.